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1 in 7 state primary schools in the UK do not have a dedicated library or reading space as they are not a statutory requirement. Our reports make the case for greater attention and investment. Primary school libraries remove financial barriers to book access and can help to level the playing field between children from different backgrounds.

Unlocking the power of reading

Unlocking the Power of Reading: How Can Every Child Have Access to a Library at School?

In this report, we showcase the life-changing impact school libraries can have on children, teachers, parents and society. We demonstrate why they are needed, now more than ever, and introduce a costed model that shows how the programme could be funded and scaled through a cross-sector partnership.

Working Together Towards a Library In Every Primary School

This report shows that we have a postcode lottery of primary school library provision. It also highlights the positive impact of the programmes to date through data and case studies.

Children holding books in library space
Child reading book

Children and Young People’s Access to Books and Educational Devices at Home During the Cost-of-Living Crisis

This report outlines findings from a survey of 3,057 parents of children aged from birth to 18-years-old that was run in late December 2022 and early January 2023. Conducted in partnership with Chase, the survey explored the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on children’s access to books and educational devices.

The Future of Primary School Libraries

This report draws together evidence from across the school and library sectors to give a snapshot of the state of primary school library provision in 2021.

New library space
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